C.O.P.S. Hands-On Programs

• C.O.P.S. provides Hands-On Programs designed specifically for each survivorship to help rebuild their shattered lives.

• Parents’ Retreat provides surviving parents of the fallen officer with strong peer support to help cope with the pain of losing their child.

• Spouses Retreat is a “challenging” weekend getaway for surviving spouses where debriefers and strong peer support infuse surviving spouses with a significant dose of self-esteem and new found confidence.

• Siblings Retreat is a weekend where brothers and sisters have access to mental health professionals and can meet others who lost a sibling in the line of duty help deal with their pain.

• Adult Children’s Retreat is for surviving adult children 21 years and older and provides counselors and strong peer support to help deal with the death of their parent.

• Extended Family Retreat assists the parents and siblings of the surviving spouse in coping with the death of their law enforcement officer.

• Affected Co-Workers' Retreat is for law enforcement officers hurting from the death of a co-worker in the line of duty.

Oregon Chapter C.O.P.S. will provide money for the airfare for survivors to attend the Healing Retreats, and we strongly encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity. There is no cost to participate in a retreat, since the on-site expenses are paid by donations to the national organization. Contact us via e-mail or telephone at 503 465-8082